Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bestowers

 The Bestowers

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
Arthur C. Clarke (Clark's third law)

Science estimates our universe to be about 14 billion years old. The early universe was lacking in heavier elements. The so called first generation stars forged and seeded the universe with the heavy elements and compounds needed for life to exist. When the conditions were met, life promptly arose. There has been sufficient time for very advanced civilizations to have come into existence.

The Bestowers are the ones who came first. These ancient civilizations have technology that is perhaps a billion years more advanced than ours. They have become God like. For all practical purposes they are Gods, and they are of God. Through technology they have given themselves immortality. Because they are compassionate beings, they traveled throughout the universe seeking out and giving all other sentinel beings (including ourselves) immortality. To put it another way, they gave themselves souls and then they gave all other sentinel beings, souls.

What we call the spiritual realm is the creation of the Bestowers. I can only conjecture as to how this was done: Perhaps by creating another universe with the attributes required for "spiritual" existence.

Maybe, the tunnel reported in many near death experiences, is a worm hole to this other universe.

I presented the scenario that the Bestowers arouse out of our universe. If they have the ability to move from one universe to another, as I suspect they do, then they could come from another universe. Perhaps the predate the creation of our universe. Might the creation of a "spiritual" universe have been the mechanism used to escape destruction at the big crunch/big bang of a cyclic universe?

I wrote this piece primarily to show that belief in science and belief in an after life are not mutually exclusive. Through the use of technology science can and does eventually lead to spirituality.

-Om- The One who is Many, the Many who are One. -Om-

Richard Smith
First published July 2008

(C) Copyright 2008 Richard Smith

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