Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Head

Less someone get "big headed", I want to stress the communal nature of creation. We are to God as a neuron is to a brain. We are a part of the whole. There is a difference in being "of God" and being God, which mega-maniacs seem not to realize.

In western religions, God creates the universe apart from himself, hence the universe (including us) has fallen. In eastern religions, God creates the universe out of himself. He is the Creation. Above is an image called Nataraj: Lord Shiva as the "Divine Dancer" which I think best represents my concept of God: In Shiva's hand is a drum measuring out the passage of time, while around Him burn the multitude fires of creation. Shiva dances on the dwarf of ignorance.

I came here to dance! (Or maybe, to learn how to dance.)

-OM- The One who is Many, The Many who are One. -OM-

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