Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thoughts on Aliens

Given the age of the universe and the vast number of galaxies, I am very comfortable in giving the probability of other civilizations existing: 1.0
Probability of civilizations that are more than a million years more advanced than us: 1.0
Probability of civilizations that are more than a thousand million years more advanced: 1.0
Probability of "Bestowers" existing: 1.0

Some Thoughts on Alien Tech

I think that in the case of "morphing" "UFOs", what we are seeing are holograms projected around the vehicle to mimic or confuse. By projecting an image of the background the vehicle could also be rendered invisible. I want to stress that the lights seen are also holographic projections.

The "fear" that people experience when seeing a "UFO" might be because the "UFO" is putting out "bad vibes" as a defensive mechanism to keep us at a distance. If they can speak to us directly in our minds, they can manipulate our emotions. They can also cause us to forget.

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