Saturday, November 7, 2009


Science (like religion) is a belief system and is a human construct of how we think the world works. It is only a model of reality. Ideally, when experience doesn't fit the model, the model is modified to fit the experience. But what usually happens is that the experience is denied. Ghosts don't fit the model so they don't exist! UFOs don't fit the model so they don't exist. Etc! In our minds, our models have become the reality and woe to those who tell us otherwise.

The only reality is the on going act of creation! Belief systems like all created things are born, live and die in an endless cycle of creation. They are useful only for a time and a place.

"It is better to believe a lie than to believe nothing at all."

Some say that we are seeking Truth but I think we are only looking for a "clean well lighted place".

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