Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thought experiment

I'm 63 years old. In 1952 when I was six, we got our first TV. It had a five inch screen, all vacuum tubes and came in a huge case. I got my first color TV in 1974. It was a hybrid of vacuum tubes and transistors. My first personal computer from 1982 had a Z80 processor with a few thousand transistors. The processor in the computer I'm writing on has around a thousand million transistors and isn't even "state of the art". A hundred years ago, the first canvas and wood airplanes took to the sky. The first radio stations were being built. Two hundred years ago, the first railroads.

Let's turn our attention to the future and try to imagine what it will be like a hundred years from now... Try to imagine our civilization a thousand years from now... What technological wonders will we have? Imagine an alien civilization that is a thousand years more advanced than us. What technological wonders will they have? Now, imagine an alien civilization a million years more advanced! Finally, imagine an alien civilization a thousand million years more advanced! Our universe is old enough to support such advanced civilizations. I'll connect the dots and say that it does. How would such advanced civilizations manifest? As orbs? As spiritual beings? As Gods?

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